“Try to retire my guy early”: Paul Pierce and Kevin Garnett Have Anthony Davis pull this off to save LeBron James

“Try to retire my guy early”:

Paul Pierce and Kevin Garnett Have Anthony Davis pull this off to save LeBron James

"Trying to Retire My Dude Early": Paul Pierce and Kevin Garnett Demand Anthony Davis to Ease LeBron James' Increasing Load

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In the latest episode of The Ticket and the Truth podcast, Boston Celtics legends Kevin Garnett and Paul Pierce discussed Anthony Davis’ slow start with the Lakers this season and how that’s impacting LeBron James’ health in his 21st year.

Currently, the Los Angeles Lakers are 7th in the Western Conference with a 7-6 record. Much of the Lakers’ losses can be blamed on the team’s inconsistency, especially with AD facing constant fitness issues for the past several seasons.

Anthony Davis’ performance trajectory this season has been sporadic and extremely concerning for the Lakeshow fans. From going pointless in the season opener’s second quarter to showing flashes of brilliance in 30-point performances, AD’s consistency hasn’t been on the mark this year. And to top that off, much of the pressure to carry the team’s load has inevitably fallen on LeBron James, who is going to turn 39 this year.

Veteran analysts, including KG and Paul Pierce, have blasted AD constantly for not showing up for his team as the first option at this crucial juncture. Speaking on KG’s podcast, Pierce expressed his concern that LeBron James would never get a graceful retirement if his team were to play like they are playing now.

In conversation with Kevin Garnett, the Truth said, “They [The Lakers] trying to retire my guy [LeBron] already with these, with the way Anthony Davis and these other guys is playing. He gotta do too much right now…This ain’t it.” Garnett further noted how players such as Anthony Reaves are also far from their potential to aid the Lakers during crucial games.

The recent game against the Sacramento Kings was a testament to everything wrong with the LA side. Though LeBron James scored a triple-double, the defensive breakdowns from AD’s end and the turnovers cost the Lakers the game. The Kings defeated LA with a 15-point differential, with Anthony Davis particularly attracting scrutiny for scoring just 9 points and 9 rebounds in the game.

LeBron James still remains the first option for the Lakers ahead of Anthony Davis

While Anthony Davis continues his unreliable form with the Lakers, LeBron James is still going strong in his 21st NBA season. In the game against the Sacramento Kings, James became the second-oldest player to score a triple-double with 28 points, 12 assists, and 10 rebounds.

Though the Lakers initially planned to restrict LBJ’s game time, that option now seems far-fetched. Despite closing 39, James has to play more than 35 minutes per game. Overexerting James for the Lakers could backfire for the team if they were to contend for the playoffs towards the end of the season. However, for now, there seems to be no option left but to field their best player on the roster to elevate their chances of winning.

Long-time Lakers fan rapper Lil Wayne has been frustrated with the lack of consistency with the team for the past two seasons. While speaking to FS1 analyst Skip Bayless on Undisputed, Wayne passionately ranted about how Anthony Davis has not contributed anything significant to the Lakers

Furthermore, if the Lakers were to be a championship team, Lil Wayne said it was necessary for them to “get rid of AD” and find a suitable replacement.


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