Travis Kelce warned about ‘stagey and fake’ Taylor Swift by Skip Bayless, who claims their kiss after her Eras show in Argentina was ‘exaggerated’: ‘She’s just painfully camera aware’

Undisputed host Skip Bayless has waded into Travis Kelce‘s whirlwind romance with Taylor Swift, questioning how genuine the pop star’s feelings are for the Super Bowl winner.

The couple’s whirlwind romance is expecting to take a serious turn on Monday with both sets of parents meeting as Kelce’s Kansas City Chiefs play his brother Jason’s Philadelphia Eagles – the team Swift and her dad Scott support.

Last weekend, Kelce traveled to Argentina on his bye week to see Swift perform in Buenos Aires and she was seen running up to him and kissing him after the show in a scene most people found heartwarming.

But Bayless isn’t buying it and mapped out his reasons why this week in no uncertain terms.

‘I sincerely hope her relationship with Travis Kelce is real, for both their sakes, but especially for his,’ he said.

Skip Bayless has warned Travis Kelce about his 'stagey and fake' girlfriend Taylor Swift

Skip Bayless has warned Travis Kelce about his ‘stagey and fake’ girlfriend Taylor Swift

Bayless let loose with his opinions on the new power couple this week, warning NFL star Kelce

Bayless let loose with his opinions on the new power couple this week, warning NFL star Kelce

The couple's whirlwind romance has attracted massive attention in last few weeks

The couple’s whirlwind romance has attracted massive attention in last few weeks

‘I believe from a distance that his feelings for her are very real. But hers for him? I have no idea. How can you know? How can even he be sure?

‘She is such a megastar, obviously she is extremely image conscious. She’s just painfully camera aware — and so she’s always in danger in her life of acting a part when she knows she’s on camera.

‘She knows she’s on camera every single second she’s up in a stadium box watching her Travis do what he does best, which is play football. I’m sorry, but when she’s up in the box she comes off as stagey and fake to me. I just don’t buy it.’

And as for the scenes in Argentina, Bayless said; ‘Travis on his bye week flew down.

She obviously knew she was on camera. You see her running toward Travis, all but jumping in his arms, embracing him, giving a big, exaggerated kiss.”

‘It just seemed a little scripted to me. Just a little put on. Just a little fake. I could be wrong. But is she using this all-time fairytale romance to plug into NFL-sized publicity and promotion? I hope not, but I do wonder.’

Bayless is far from the only person to question whether the relationship is a publicity stunt but if there is anyone who doesn’t need extra attention, it’s probably Swift.

She cheered him on at four different games from September through to October before going back out on her massively successful Eras tour in South America.

This weekend, Swift is playing three dates in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. The last is on Sunday, and next weekend she plays in Sao Paolo.

While it would involve a lot of flying, she could technically fly back for Monday’s game.

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