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Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce are looking to get into the Christmas spirit as a couple … we’re told they’re moving forward with plans to be together for the holidays.

Sources close to the couple tell TMZ … Taylor and Travis are trying to work out their schedules to make sure they set aside as much time together as possible.

taylor swift kissing travis kelce

We’re told Thanksgiving with the 2 families could go down in Kansas City … Travis and his fam will already be in town Monday for his game against the Eagles. Here’s the thing everyone knows … Thanksgiving with 2 fams is a BIG step.

As we reported, Travis picked up a sweet $6 million K.C. home … which is a lot more secluded than his old place … so he could easily host everyone with room to spare.

taylor swift travis kelce

It’s unclear where they’ll spend Christmas, but they’ve already told folks close to them they’ve been chatting about it. Our sources say the couple REALLY wants to be together this holiday season.

It’s not going to be easy for T&T to continue what we’re told is a serious relationship … she’s going to be all over the world next year and, of course, he’s got his own obligations. But, our sources say as of now, they’re both committing to making it work.

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