Swimming w Jennifer Lopez in glimpse of epic swimming pool inside her lavish $60 million mansion

 J-Lo and husband Ben Affleck live in upscale Bel Air

jennifer lopez swimsuit hamptons

Jennifer Lopez recently gave her fans a glimpse into her lavish lifestyle through a video shared on Instagram.

The clip showcased the stunning L-shaped swimming pool in the backyard of the $60 million mega-mansion she shares with her husband, Ben Affleck, located in the upscale Bel-Air neighborhood of California.

The pool, a standout feature of the property, boasts a cost of around $150,000, attributed to its extraordinary size – roughly three times larger than an average pool – and its luxurious infinity and zero-edge designs.

The infinity aspect of the pool creates an illusion of endlessness, with water cascading into a lower pool before being pumped back up.

Jennifer Lopez shares a glimpse of her epic pool© Instagram
Jennifer Lopez shares a glimpse of her epic pool

The zero-edge feature allows the water level to reach the very brim, creating a seamless appearance with no visible lip.

A built-in hot tub at the far edge further enhances the pool’s allure. Surrounding the pool are several elegant white lounge chairs, adding to the area’s aesthetic appeal.

Jennifer was filmed walking across the lawn of her property, which offers breathtaking views of the surrounding mountains.

She appeared in one of the outfits from her album cover, donning a beige hat, white tank top, baggy jeans, construction boots, and layers of gold jewelry, all while holding a glass of her alcoholic beverage brand, Delola.

Jennifer Lopez in pink swimsuit and oversized sunglasses sunbathing© Instagram
Jennifer Lopez relaxes by the pool

The star’s new album, “This Is Me… Now,” reflects her rekindled romance with Affleck, following their engagement’s end nearly 20 years ago.

Accompanying the album will be a film set to release on February 16, 2024. Jennifer has consistently utilized social media to showcase her opulent home, often posing around its impressive grounds.

Recently, Jennifer presented her Thanksgiving table, not in a dining room but in her home’s backyard. The table, crafted from rustic wood, was adorned with green eucalyptus leaves, lemons, oranges, and hurricane lamps holding white candles.

Jennifer Lopez in a sequined dress during her birthday celebrations© Instagram
Jennifer Lopez’s view from her pool is incredible

The setup featured Hermes gold-and-white plates, valued between $200 and $500 each, with two plates used per person.

Promoting her Delola brand, Jennifer highlighted the convenience of the pre-mixed beverages. She specifically mentioned the L’Orange Spritz, a premium cocktail with notes of amaro, orange, and passionfruit.

In her social media posts, Jennifer appeared in a belted khaki dress with black buttons, her hair styled in soft waves, complemented by hoop earrings.

In addition to offering insights into her luxurious lifestyle, the video also captured glimpses of the mansion’s lush interior, as seen in a hallway while Jennifer prepared for the LACMA Gucci event in Los Angeles.

New home of Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez in Beverly Hills © thecelebrityfinder/Bauer-Griffin
New home of Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez in Beverly Hills

The mansion, which Jennifer and Ben purchased in May, features modern touches with white surfaces and accents of silver and gold.

The Hollywood power couple’s residence, known as the ‘Wallingford estate,’ sits on a 5-acre promontory and includes 12 bedrooms, 24 bathrooms, a 12-car garage, parking for 80, and a unique indoor sports complex.

The complex boasts a gym, basketball and pickleball courts, a boxing ring, sports lounge, and bar. Additional luxurious amenities include a hair and nail salon, home theater, wine cellar, whiskey lounge, sauna, massage rooms, and a zero-edge pool behind the main house.

Represented by Brett Lawyer, who has worked with celebrities like Katy Perry and Madonna, Jennifer and Ben acquired the property at a significant discount from its original listing price.

After a year-long search and renting James Packer’s Beverly Hills mansion, the couple finally found their perfect home to accommodate their blended family, which includes Jennifer’s twins Max and Emme with ex-husband Marc Anthony, and Ben’s three children with ex-wife Jennifer Garner, Violet, Seraphina, and Samuel.

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