Nas Speaks On Dissing Jay Z AGAIN In New Song

Nas Speaks On Dissing Jay Z AGAIN In New Song

The back and forth rivalry between Jay-Z and Nas should really go down in the hip hop history books at this point. As far back as the ‘90s, the two giants of the East Coast scene have always been taking stabs at each other, whether it be in the press or on their own separate tracks.


And we all thought that beef was over but it looks like that might not be the case. You see fans are convinced that Nas just took a dig at Jay Z in his new song. So what did Nas say? And did he really diss Hov or are fans just running wild with their opinions?

The story goes that the whole beef started when Nas ended up bailing on a recording session that Jay had been working on, leading to Hov dissing him back on The Blueprint for the song “Takeover.”

Fast forward just a few years later, and we have Nas matching Hova step for step on “Ether,” which has hip hop heads still freaking out about how much he dragged him through the mud.

If you ask Bradley Cooper, Jay-Z is a fan of Judge Judy.

During a recent sit-down with the SAG-AFTRA Foundation, Cooper, 49, detailed the process of making his directorial debut, 2018’s A Star Is Born. He recalled having a meeting with producer

Greg Silverman, who was familiar with Cooper thanks to his American Sniper success and told the actor at the time, “If you can make it for under $25 million and you can get Beyoncé, I’ll do it.”

Cooper took the challenge to heart, paying a visit to Beyoncé, 42, and Jay-Z, 54, at their home.

“I went to Beyoncé’s house and Jay-Z was watching Judge Judy,” he said as the crowd laughed. “I’m not kidding. I was freaking [out] … I remember I had this weird cough when I was pitching it to her.”

He continued, “It was crazy. She was incredible and so was he. And we developed it for, like, a year together. She’s one of the greatest people of all time. And then that fell through.”

After considering Adele for the role of Ally, Cooper eventually landed on Lady Gaga. She starred opposite him in the movie, which ultimately received a total of eight Oscar nominations in 2019. (Cooper and Gaga’s duet “Shallow” won Best Original Song.)

Cooper is no stranger to sharing behind-the-scenes stories from his Hollywood career. Earlier this month, he revealed he was “terrified” before making his TV debut on Sex and the City, a gig he landed after telling a little white lie in the audition process.

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