The 58-year-old singer-songwriter responded to the rumor that he used to sneak into Kensington Palace.

Bryan Adams isn’t pleading the fifth about his relationship with Princess Diana.

The 58-year-old singer-songwriter appeared on Watch What Happens Live With Andy Cohen on Monday night and agreed to participate in a game of “Plead the Fifth.”

He was then asked three tough questions, and was only able to “plead the fifth” on one of them.

“There are many rumors that you and Princess Diana were once romantically involved,” Cohen asked.

“Her butler said that he used to sneak you into Kensington Palace. How would you characterize your relationship with Princess Diana?”

Adams replied, “Great friends. And she didn’t sneak me in, I would just roll up.”

Not completely satisfied with that answer, Cohen pried, “Friends with benefits?”

Adams responded, “Um, she was just … we were good friends.”

Prior to asking about Adams relationship with the late Princess of Wales, Cohen inquired about a salacious photo that Adams apparently gave to Elton John, Diana’s good friend.

“You once gave a photograph of your penis to Elton John for his 42nd birthday,” Cohen said. “Bryan Adams, when is the last time you sent a d**k pic?”

“That was the first and only time,” Adams assured the host.

“Where does Sir Elton, by the way, keep that?” Cohen questioned.

Adams, who characterized the photo as “arty,” revealed that John even upgraded its frame.

“When I gave it to him in the frame he said, ‘I’m going to change that frame,'” Adams revealed. “So, now it’s in a very gold frame. I think it’s on his mantle piece.”

Adams managed to make it to the third question with the option to “plead the fifth,” but he didn’t opt to use it. This one was about his career as a celebrity photographer.

“You have photographed countless celebrities: Queen Elizabeth II, Lindsay Lohan, Mickey Rourke, Gorbachev, Amy Winehouse, Pink,” Cohen listed. “Who was the most difficult subject you’ve ever photographed?”

“Actually I wouldn’t say any of those people were difficult,” the “Have You Ever Really Loved a Woman?” singer confided. “More the publicists were the difficult ones. The people, usually if they walk up for a photograph, they’re ready to do it.”

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